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Are you gay – settled in Denmark – and are you seeking a network of good friends with whom you can share nice, pleasant, funny social and entertaining experiences? Then maybe Homogengruppen would be the right place for you. Homogengruppen is a friendly safe network for gay men who are looking for new social activities and friendships.
Homogengruppen’s activities are many and various, and span from movie- theater, shows, ballet, travels, refined cooking, wine tasting, museum visits, art exhibitions ect. All combined with three big parties a year, where we usually are forty people or more.
All activities are planned at a meeting a quarter ahead, and all members are more than welcome to join in with suggestions at these meetings.
A membership is 400,00 kroner a year, which you can split up and pay with 200 kroner July 1, and 200 on December 31.
Homogengruppen is a non-political association and do not receive financial support of any kind.
We are a Danish association and therefore everything will be in Danish, more or less.
If this appeals to you, then do feel free to contact us for further information at: